Side channel compressors and vacuum pumps
 with integrated frequency converter (FC)

•VASF 1.50 /1.80 /1.120

•VARIAIR SV130/1 and /2 with 4 kW FC

•VARIAIR SV201/1 and /2 with 4 kW FC

•VARIAIR SV300/1 and /2 with 7.5 kW FC
                   /1 with 4 kW FC (87Hz)

•VARIAIR SV400/1 with 11-22kW FC

•VARIAIR SV500/1 with 11-22kW FC; 0….100Hz; 18kW-motor

•VARIAIR SV700/1 with 11-22kW FC; 0….80Hz; 15kW-motor
(same Motor like SV500/1)

  • SV1100/1  only for operation with external customer FC; 26kW-motor )(20.........80Hz)

Variair Side Channel Blower