Becker Pumps Corporation announced the launch of a product innovation designed specifically for the woodworking and high-debris environments to extend the life of both filters and vacuum pumps. Becker Reduces Dust and Downtime in the pump with the BRD-60 cyclonic filter. Using this innovative cyclonic filter is a simple and cost effective way to prevent costly, premature vane wear or, worse yet, bearing failure.

Woodworking work areas can be very dusty and as your pumps draw in air, they also draw in wood and composite dust that can harm the pump components. The Becker cyclonic filter can be added to Becker Model VTLF/VXLF pumps to keep the vacuum relief valve from clogging with sawdust and particulates.

Our customers requested a better way to filter the inlet of the vacuum relief valve. So based on the knowledge and experience gained over more than two decades in the woodworking market, Becker developed a simple solution known as the BRD-60. The cyclonic filter is used on Becker VTLF/VXLF pumps which are the most widely used pumps in the woodworking industry for vacuum hold down on CNC routers.

Adding a Becker cyclonic filter can provide many benefits including lowering maintenance costs, maintaining the performance of the pump by keeping it running at optimal vacuum pressure, and extending the life of the pump. The cyclonic filter minimizes maintenance costs by eliminating filter elements saving both the cost and downtime required to change them. This new filter comes completely assembled and installs in seconds. Operation of the Becker cyclonic filter is purely mechanical. Once installed, there is zero maintenance. It can easily be retrofitted to existing pumps with a fitted adaptor for a quick, screw-in installation. The one-time purchase will last the lifetime of the pump.

The new, cyclonic filter has been added to the list of Becker Genuine Parts. Using Becker Genuine Parts for maintenance and repairs is vital for maximizing performance and increasing the longevity of any Becker pump.

The Becker cyclonic filter is readily available and can be ordered by contacting Becker at with the part no. 74000600100A-BPC.

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