Becker is the World Leader for Superior Performing Vacuum Pumps,
Compressors & Regenerative Blowers

PRODUCTS:                    Vacuum Pumps                  Regenerative Blowers                Compressors                  Central Systems            Variair System        

Application:                    Printing & Graphics      Packaging    Pharma      Water Treatment       Wood Working      Additive Manufacturing  & Many More

Printing & Graphics

Packaging - Primary & secondary



Pharma Machinery

Pharma Machine

Wood Working Machinery

Wood Working Machine

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Water Treatment

Water treatment

Industries we serve includes-

  • Aerospace – aircraft wing lamination

  • Aggregates – conveying

  • Automotive and tire – material handling of components, vacuum forming and vacuum lifting

  • Food processing – vacuum packing, air drying sterilized food jars, packaging or de-gassing, grape presses for wine production

  • Electronics – printed circuit board production

  • Environmental – extracting toxins from waste ground, conveying recycled materials

  • Healthcare – pumps for operating theatres and extracting waste anesthetic gases, air cushions for trauma patients, orthopedic Inspection & air testing – air sampling for clean rooms

  • Manufacturing – precision holding of components for machining, air knives for any type of blast air dust or moisture removal

  • Laboratories – fume cupboards, filtration or centralized air

  • Newspapers and magazine production – conveying, collating etc.

  • Printing – feed and delivery pumps & paper converting – from envelope manufacturing to magazine collating.

  • Waste and Water Treatment – from aeration of waste particles to vacuum priming of delivery pipes

  • Vacuum forming – from small plastic items to complicated plastic/resin components to complete boat hulls and vacuum lifting such as picking up and transporting large glass sheet