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Customers are requested to go through the below terms and conditions before placing the order.

General Conditions:

  • 1. General

    1.1 Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery shall exclusively apply to all our deliveries and performances including the ones resulting from future transactions to other countries (outside India) unless different terms and conditions have expressly been agreed for the individual case.

    1.2 We herewith expressly reject any conflicting of different terms and conditions of the customer. They shall only become part of the contract if expressly agreed by us in writing in every individual case.

    1.3 Our terms and conditions shall also apply if we with knowledge of the terms and conditions of the customer conflicting with or different from our terms and conditions execute the delivery without reservation.

    1.4 All agreements concluded between the customer and us concerning the sale of goods shall be done in writing. The same shall apply to any modifications and amendments of the contract, in particular to the cancellation of the written form clause. For the scope of the delivery our written order confirmation shall be decisive.

    1.5 Our terms and conditions shall be considered accepted and shall form an integral part of the contract with the receipt of goods by the customer at the latest.

    1.6 The customer shall maintain silence concerning the conclusion of the contract and all information related to this. We reserve all proprietary rights and copyrights concerning any offer documents, in particular the drawings furnished by us and shall disclose plans marked by the customer as confidential to third parties only after prior approval of the customer.

    1.7 If we are – in addition to the delivery - entrusted with the assembly this assembly shall be performed under a separate contract for work and services independent from the delivery. For such a contract the special written terms of assembly shall apply.

    2. Prices, Scope of the Delivery



    2.1 Our quotations are subject to change without notice unless they are expressly agreed in writing as binding. The prices are ex works exclusive of any packaging and transport costs.For deliveries to countries outside the India Value-added tax shall not apply.  For deliveries in India a table of tax is created and it will be applicable as per government tax law.


    2.2 All taxes, fees and charges in connection with the delivery  shall be charged to the customer. If we are charged with taxes, fees or other charges by authorities in the country of the customer when executing this delivery the customer shall refund these costs.

    2.3 In case of increases in material costs, prices and wages, which may also occur even after placing of order and order? confirmation or at our suppliers we shall be entitled to charge the additional costs caused if the goods shall be delivered four months after concluding the contract i.e. after receipt of the written order confirmation by the customer or the service agreed shall be performed after these four months.

    3. Delivery Periods, Delivery Dates



    3.1 The delivery period shall commence with the date of the order confirmation, but not before an agreement on all commercial and technical details, particularly not before the provision of the documents, approvals, releases to be procured by the customer as well as the receipt of an advance payment agreed.


    3.2 Delivery periods and delivery dates shall be subject to change without notice. They shall refer to the date of dispatch of the goods. This shall be based on the precondition that we on our side have been accurately and timely delivered by our suppliers. Partial deliveries shall be permitted. Every shipment shall be considered as an independent transaction.

    3.3 Cases of force majeure and other events beyond our control which delay or prevent the delivery or make it undue such as breakdowns of any kind, administrative orders, transport holdups, strikes, war, lockout shall release us without any compensation from our obligations resulting from the supply agreement. Circumstances preventing the delivery only temporarily shall release us only for the time these circumstances prevail plus a reasonable start-up period. The same shall apply if these circumstances occur at our suppliers.

    3.4 In case of contracts calling for a continuous delivery we shall be informed about release orders and delivery schedules for approximately identical monthly quantities at least 1 month before the beginning of the respective month of delivery. If the release orders or delivery schedules are not submitted in time we shall – after unsuccessful expiration of  a reasonable additional period - be entitled to prepare the delivery schedules by our own and to deliver the goods.

    4. Passage of Risks, Acceptance



    4.1 Deliveries shall be effected ex works at the expense of the customer. The risk of loss or damage of the goods shall be passed to the customer when handing over the goods to the carrier entrusted with the shipment, in case of default in acceptance with the occurrence of the default.

    4.2 In case of a default in acceptance we shall be entitled to charge storage charges. They shall amount to 0.5% for each week, maximum 15% of the value of that portion of the total delivery which was not accepted in time or not according to the contract due to the delay. After the  


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