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Oil Lubricated

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Oil Lubricated

Rotary vane vacuum pumps, oil-lubricated


Simplicity of design with only one shaft and direct drive produces robust, long-lasting vacuum pumps with low maintenance and running costs. The vanes are sealed by the metered supply of oil. Already equipped with integrated non-return valves and an efficient oil Separation system, these vacuum pumps can be fitted with other accessories without a problem The standard-featured circulating-oil lubrication system with integrated oil cooler and cover additionally minimise noise emission. Controlled by a float valve, the oil return suction system also makes these vacuum pumps suitable for use in rough-vacuum applications. Optional water cooling significantly prolongs the life of the oil, even in difficult ambient conditions.


Optional gas ballast valves prevent condensing vapours from contaminating the pump oil. The oil-water emulsion arising from contamination reduces the pump effi ciency or leads to a failure. The valve permits a regulated amount of fresh air (the gas ballast) to fl ow into the pump‘s compression chamber. By mixing saturated intake air with unsaturated fresh air, condensing is suppressed.


NEW: the oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump U 4.300


The new size between U 4.250 and U 4.400.

U 4.300 - U 4.250: comparison and differences:


realization of faster pump-down times

realization –for example– of more packaging cycles per unit time

as far as possible to keep up with the dimensions

to keep up with the installed motor capacities of 5.5/6.3 kW respect. 7.5/8.6 kW (50/60 Hz)

in general: rise in productivity of our customers machines and systems

increased air flow

decreased dead storage capacities

no differentiation between versions SA/K and F/K; the only remaining pump is a version with a final pressure of

axial lubrication of the rotor for a secured final pressure

improved oil return suction at free air

decreased pressure differential

decreased power consumption

improved noise level during cold start-up

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